Press Release - 2012-12-27 - Futurity Releases Orion 1.3

Mechanicsburg, PA – December 27, 2012 – Futurity IT, an information technology company in the emergency management vertical, released a major update to their industry-leading Orion software system today.  Version 1.3 delivers ground-breaking functionality both on the mobile and dashboard components of Orion.

“This latest version of Orion shifts focus from saving time and effort on the front-end of damage assessment data collection to further time and effort reduction in reporting and response management - a complete situational awareness solution that emergency managers demand", said Rob Richard, Futurity’s founder and CEO.  “After [Super Storm] Sandy, our customers are looking for ways to get their state and FEMA involved faster.  Orion 1.3 gets them weeks, if not months, closer to state and Federal funds.  And that means quicker recovery for their communities, and a substantially better shot at physical and economic recovery ”, Richard added.  "There is simply no better option available for emergency managers in the trenches", Richard concluded.

Orion runs on Android and Apple iOS devices, and allows local emergency managers to take advantage of ubiquitous mobile technology to efficiently and accurately collect and report damage assessment information following a disaster.  “This system is battle-tested and has saved our clients hundreds of man-hours in collecting and reporting damage data to their states and to FEMA.  Nothing compares with what we can do for counties and larger cities when it comes to crunch time during a disaster.  We actually free them up to manage the response, rather than swim in paperwork”, concluded Richard in a short interview.